Magick in the Air

Storms are amazing. Here in California we are experiencing some weird weather…snow in the elevations, and rain, lightening, and high winds down in the Valley a bit. This type of weather is perfect for bringing natural cleansing and energy into your magick and home.

Wind and rain are amazing cleansers. I’ve been known to stand in the midddle of the yard in a big wind storm and accpet the wind into my body, sweeping out the negative and leaving me feeling refreshed and with room to fill my thoughts, my soul, my energy with positivity and balance.

Rain will do the same, although not always as fun as the wind. I do stand in the yard and let the rain wash the impurities from my skin, cleansing it in a way that a shower can’t. Letting the rawness, the pureness of the water take with it all of those things clinging to me that wear me down.

I am so excited for this storm that is beginning today. It is a long lasting one, so I will also put some of my stones out, that I carry with me most, to rinse them off and brush them out, and then on the next full moon reenergize them.

The lightening is such a perfect energizer. It brings raw energy into being and that can be harnessed, carefully, for the magick user. I often put stones out to gather energy to store for later use in spells and protection. Raw energy is great for gardens, gnome homes, and faery rings as well. Things grow better with energy pulsing around them, and of course the gnomes and faeries always love to gather energy in. Along with honey bread, I mean who wouldn’t want that.

So this week, and into the weekend, I will be cleansing my soul and body, and gathering energy in one of its purest forms. I love storms! What are you doing?

Blessed Imbolc….Blessed Candlemas

Brigid has lit the way for us to begin the lighted season of our year. What a wonderful time this will. As we say goodbye to Herne for the moment, and allow him the rest he so deserves, and the candles are lit to guide the light back into the world, we are all getting ready to let go of the shadows and step into the light.

If you walk a pagan/Wiccan path then today is the day to bless your candles for the year. The time to give them the energy of the beginning of the light time and our step out of the darkness and shadows. I just finished participating in an amazing ritual with Sacred Mists, and we were able to bless the candles from the shop with the energy generated, so all candles sent out are not Imbolc Blessed. What a great thought this is.

It is also a time to start that journey. Stretch and shake off the winter blues and darkness and begin the lighted path. We took January to lay the groundwork, to start the habits, get into the mode and figure out the plan. Today, Imbolc, Candlemas, February 1…today is the day to walk the path you have set the foundation for.

What path are you embarking on? I of course have several, but the big one for me is the Life Coach Certification. I am already working on it, today I recommit and refocus to make it a reality. I have also recommitted to making sure I finish my Priestess Certification, and stay up on my lessons there. I am a strong individual, and part of who I am is to continue to grow in what I do.

I am so excited to say that we are traveling to Georgia in April (and South Carolina for a Navy graduation), and then to Puerto Rico in June. In between I am sure I will get up to see my parents in Washington State, and maybe we will even get to Arizona. Nevada is a given as I am only 2 hours from Reno or Tahoe, but Las Vegas in November is back on the agenda. We are also intending to take some time in January as several big conventions happen that we want to hit up.

We have been talking to the retirement specialist, which is exciting even though it is several (13) years off. It is exciting to see what we still be able to afford and do, the planning is commencing. This is a time of beginnings and we have lots that we are starting, even if the evolution is years away. We are also planning the sale of our house in 3-5 years…and so the updating is beginning there as well.

Imbolc, the time of renewal, or beginnings, of the light returning. This is what today is about. Take the step, begin the journey. Let me know what it is you are getting ready to embark on.

Create Your Own Reality…and then live it

Often times we are told how we should live, where we should work, what is right for us, without anyone checking in on what it is we want. We allow others to create the reality that we live in, with little or no input from us. This is often the case with those who follow a “different” path in religion or beliefs. It is difficult when one does not “conform” to the holidays or the calendars of the societal norm. As we approach the season of Yule, I am often reminded of how intolerant and selfish others are. They focus on their wants and needs and they don’t create a space where everyone can feel accepted or wanted.

As we move forward in this time of year, a time often for reflection, and for growth, it would do us all good to look at who we are. Are we who we want to be? Are we allowing others to define our reality, or are we living what is expected of us? Are we choosing to the be best we can be, to be accepting of those around us, or are we falling into the same shellfish category that has put us in someone else’s reality as it is?

I am working on me. I am learning how to navigate the world outside of me in a way that allows me to be the best me I can be, and to not fall into other’s reality. I will do things my way. It isn’t that I won’t listen to the ideas of others, or incorporate them, or compromise. What I won’t continue doing is following meekly, allowing myself to be hidden or pushed off because someone expects something different from me.

This will partly include new clothing integrated into an already eclectic wardrobe. Pieces that fit who I am, and who I want others to see me as. So this weekend is purge the closet, keep what I want, shop for what I need. This will also include the continued cleaning of the house, and the making of candles. Those two things have actually been going well.

I will also be getting back here, and making the time daily to create space for tarot (which I miss tremendously), for personal study of the things that interest me, and for my own spiritual and emotional growth. This time of reflection is over, it is time for action. I am not going to stop being me, simply because others aren’t ready to see.

Here is my final thought…create your own reality, be you, and live where you want to be. Don’t let others dictate that.

Tarot today: Ace of Swords

“As the great bard said, there is nothing either good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Core Meaning: An opportunity for a new way of thinking

I don’t hand pick these for the topic of the day. I always do a single card draw to help my day through. I did this draw after I wrote the post. This card is a gift. Be careful with it though, for it represents a new way of thinking, but if mishandled can disappear in a second. Take this time to reflect, to look for the opening, to act wisely, and to create that reality.

I’m Better!

Yes, that’s right, I have finally kicked the nasty creep and crud. That means we should be getting back to regularly scheduled blog posts and some interesting information.

Today I wanted to discuss altars. What an altar is, what is can be used for and why you might have one, no matter your beliefs. defines an altar as:

1: a usually raised structure or place on which sacrifices are offered or incense is burned in worship —often used figuratively to describe a thing given great or undue precedence or value especially at the cost of something else sacrificed his family life on the altar of career advancement

2: a table on which the eucharistic elements are consecrated or which serves as a center of worship or ritual

So…with that as a working definition, do you have an altar without realizing it? Is there a table or countertop in your house where you have things you value or that represent your faith? If you answered yes, you have an altar, whether you realized it or not. Often times we have more than one without even realizing that is what we are creating.

I burn incense on the table next to my altar. The only thing I burn on my altar are the candles associated with the magick I am working or the meditation I am focusing on. I am also, not a big incense person. I have more of a tendency to burn a candle (which I make), with a scent that works for me. So, I do differ from the working definition in that way. Candles just make me happier, so that is what I use.

My main altar is in my bedroom. It is the one that I change with the Sabbats or the celebrations in my life. The one the crystals, and the table cloth change regularly, that I do my magickal workings at and that I do my meditations close to. However, I have several scattered throughout the house. The top of the china cabinet in the dining room is full of crystals that have been placed as I felt they were needed, along with totems to my spirit animals. The bookshelf in the family room has a shelf that is slowly getting taken over with the things I feel need to be in there for us to be more centered and family oriented. My husband started one without realizing it on his dresser, as we collected things he wanted and felt drawn to.

Altars are simply places we put those things we value, that show what it is we hold as a belief and a trust within ourselves and our faith. So, do you have one or two?

Today’s tarot:

Three of Pentacles: You’ve mastered one phase of your chosen career and you’re looking forward to the challenges of the next. The praise you receive makes you work harder than before – use it as inspiration Oaks you work your way toward your goal. Expect a nod from this higher up the food chain but not much more than a grunt from those below; you can’t impress everyone.

Key Words: Recognition, Hard Work, Skill

Pagan, Wiccan or Witch???

Today I wanted to share a little more about some of the things I do on a daily basis (or as close as possible) regarding my beliefs and practices.  However, I realized that before I delved into that perhaps a discussion and personal breakdown of the concepts out there was in order.

Often the three words above are used synonymously.  While most of us who live the life understand those outside don’t know the difference, there are those who become highly indignant or offended when someone refers to them as one of the others. While I am not one of those, I felt that, before I could begin talking about my own practice, I need to clarify what each of them entails and holds.

First, let’s start with some simple definitions (from The Celtic Connection):

Wicca:   A modern Pagan religion with spiritual roots in the earliest expressions of reverence for nature. Some major identifying motifs are: reverence for both the Goddess and God; acceptance of reincarnation and magick; ritual observance of astronomical and agricultural phenomena; and the use of magickal circles for ritual purposes.

Witch:   A practitioner of folk magick, particularly that kind relating to herbs, stones, colors, wells, rivers, etc. It is used by some Wiccans to describe themselves. This term has nothing to do with Satanism.

Pagan/Neo-Pagan/Paganism:   General term for followers of Wicca and other magickal, shamanistic, and polytheistic Earth-based religions. Also used to refer to pre-Christian religious and Spiritual belief systems.

So, as you can see each of these has some overlap, and yet is unique in its own right.  I will try to expand a little bit in regards to Sacred Mists as a school as well as to my own practice.  I want to start by saying that one of the things I like most about Sacred Mists, is that while they do follow a traditional Celtic base, they allow their students the freedom and flexibility to follow their own beliefs as well.

Now, on to a deeper definitions so to speak.  Wicca:   A modern Pagan religion with spiritual roots in the earliest expressions of reverence for nature. The Modern Wiccan Tradition is attributed, usually, to Gerald Gardner.  He was initiated into a traditional coven and then began supplementing with other “non-traditional” belief systems (Free Masonry, writings of Alastair Crowley and others).  While he claimed to stay true to the traditional pre-Christian beliefs, he supplemented the traditional pagan beliefs creating Modern Wicca.  Some major identifying motifs are: reverence for both the Goddess and God; acceptance of reincarnation and magick; ritual observance of astronomical and agricultural phenomena; and the use of magickal circles for ritual purposes. All of this holds true for Sacred Mists as well as within my personal belief.  In addition, the Goddess and God are embodiments of all Goddesses and Gods as well as Mother Earth and Mother Moon. So there isn’t any single deity focus.  All historical beliefs and “religions” are called upon depending on  your need, desire, want, area of focus.  Celtic, English, Norse, Egyptian, Japanese…all Gods and Goddesses become available to you. 

Witch:   A practitioner of folk magick, particularly that kind relating to herbs, stones, colors, wells, rivers, etc. So this is where it can get sticky.  There are many Wiccans who use natural items in their practice, but don’t necessarily consider themselves a Witch. I, however, am not one of them.  I use stones, candles, water, food, herbs, colors and even nature itself on a regular basis in my daily practice of the craft.  I am a Witch and I will stand by that.   It is used by some Wiccans to describe themselves. This is often where those who practice, or don’t, get offended.  There are many Wiccans who are not Witches, and there are some Witches that are not Wiccan (that is their belief is not necessarily that of following the Rule of Three, or of staying within the boundaries of “white magick”).  This term has nothing to do with Satanism. The last sentence is by far one of the most important.  There is nothing Satan related in Wicca or Witchcraft.  One has to believe in the conventional idea of “Satan” before there can be any relation to him. This is not to say all Witches are good and work only for the good of all.  There are many who practice beyond the scope of what is Grey or White magick.  However, their belief is that what they are doing may be the right things. 

Pagan/Neo-Pagan/Paganism:   General term for followers of Wicca and other magickal, shamanistic, and polytheistic Earth-based religions. Here are all the sticky widgets.  You DO NOT have to be Wiccan to be Pagan.  There are many other traditions that you could follow that make you Pagan.  Often people will refer to themselves as Pagan as general term that allows those who aren’t sure of the definitions to understand they don’t follow a modern religion.   Also used to refer to pre-Christian religious and Spiritual belief systems. The link here is back to the Nature Based Religions and Beliefs.  Those that are not necessarily monotheistic and have no single deity that is worshipped. 

I hope that these help you understand some of the overlap as well as some of the differences.  I think these are important to see and be able to reference prior to reading about specific rituals, practices or ideas.


Goals and Intentions

It’s that time again, where people feel the need to reinvent themselves based on the passing of the year. Goals are different from resolutions. And with those goals we must create intent.  

As we all look forward and decide what it is we need to be doing and what  we’re changing in the month of January and the year of 2017 I have to stop and wonder why? What is it that makes us think simply by saying I am going to be a better person, or I’m going to lose 20 pounds, I’m going to clean the house daily, or fold the laundry when it comes out of the dryer, what will actually happen? When we haven’t been doing those things for the past 12 months why do we think they will magically begin to happen for the next 12 months?

In magic and a witch’s world, words and intent are everything. When we say something there is intention behind what we say, for we know that there is energy carried within those words in the intent of them is with the energy will follow. So when I say I’m going to do the laundry, I mean I’m going to do the laundry. However, I am still responsible for the actions that go with that intent. When I do not follow the intent of the words, then what karma is for. So then what do I do when 2017 rolls around and everybody else is setting resolutions for themselves? I set goals.

What is the difference you might ask? Well there are several things that I do that are probably different the first is I make a list of those things that I want to accomplish. Then usually have that list somewhere in my planner or on a vision board where I can see it. The next then of course is a vision board or even just a blog, or a page with some pictures on it, simply shows me what it is I am aiming for. After that I set realistic time frame is for those goals. If Michael is to make sure I fold the laundry after it is washed weekly, well then the dates are weekly for that particular goal. However, since I know I need to lose about 20 pounds going to take a little bit longer. However, I do know that I can set myself at the workout time on a daily basis. It’s workout time will then make reaching my goal a particularly easy task the hard part will be following through on the workout daily. So again the intent is there always the intent is always there. It is the follow-through. So I’m going to share my list of goals for 2017 and then I would love for you to share yours and if you need help in setting some or in setting time lines that are realistic for yourself and by all means please ask for that help I will be glad to offer some assistance.

My goals for 2017:

Lose 15lbs – use Beach body on-demand programs on a daily basis

Clean and organize one room in the house each month

Continue to blog even if no one is reading it on a daily basis

Save up the money to buy the house by May 31


Start back to school in June for doctorate in spiritual co