Magick in the Air

Storms are amazing. Here in California we are experiencing some weird weather…snow in the elevations, and rain, lightening, and high winds down in the Valley a bit. This type of weather is perfect for bringing natural cleansing and energy into your magick and home.

Wind and rain are amazing cleansers. I’ve been known to stand in the midddle of the yard in a big wind storm and accpet the wind into my body, sweeping out the negative and leaving me feeling refreshed and with room to fill my thoughts, my soul, my energy with positivity and balance.

Rain will do the same, although not always as fun as the wind. I do stand in the yard and let the rain wash the impurities from my skin, cleansing it in a way that a shower can’t. Letting the rawness, the pureness of the water take with it all of those things clinging to me that wear me down.

I am so excited for this storm that is beginning today. It is a long lasting one, so I will also put some of my stones out, that I carry with me most, to rinse them off and brush them out, and then on the next full moon reenergize them.

The lightening is such a perfect energizer. It brings raw energy into being and that can be harnessed, carefully, for the magick user. I often put stones out to gather energy to store for later use in spells and protection. Raw energy is great for gardens, gnome homes, and faery rings as well. Things grow better with energy pulsing around them, and of course the gnomes and faeries always love to gather energy in. Along with honey bread, I mean who wouldn’t want that.

So this week, and into the weekend, I will be cleansing my soul and body, and gathering energy in one of its purest forms. I love storms! What are you doing?

End of the month reflection…

So, here we are, at the end of January. I am at a conference tomorrow and am not sure how much time I will have or if I will have any time to get a blog post up, so I am reflecting and writing today.

It was a great month, a tough month, a look at yourself month, a begin again and then again month. In short, it was a typical January. The good thing about Januarys is that they are followed by Februarys. The shortest month of the year, the best month to keep going, because it is easier to see the end of the month, to set goals and not feel like the end is forever away.

Also, it has some interesting things associated with it. It is National Black History Month, the Valentine’s Day Massacre, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, President’s Day, several Presidential birthdays…There are so many things going on in February and I just listed a few of them. For such a short month it is packed full of things.

January though, it holds one of my favorite days. National Compliment Day is in January. It is a day when it is acceptable, and in fact encouraged to give compliments out through the day. I was lucky enough to help the Student Government students at my school organize an entire week around this day. It felt great, it felt promising, and while it didn’t fail miserably, I know it was not quite what we were expecting.

Part of my reflection revolves around some questions in Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Planner. Questions that tie right into why National Compliment Day didn’t go as well as we expected. One of those is “Someone I could surprise with a note, gift, or sign of appreciate is…” How often do we really reflect on this, or follow through with it? I am one of those rare people that often send out little messages, or float through an office on campus and hand out hugs. I know though, that this is not the norm. So asking people, high school students especially, to actually write a nice note about someone that they will receive, can be daunting to them. We don’t require them to be nice on a daily basis, or to think outside of themselves to what might make someone else smile through the day.

The other question is “Something that could have helped me feel more connected to others today would have been…” This again leads right into the idea that we don’t connect personally with others on a regular basis. Not only does Brendon’s planner make me think about and follow through on these daily, but it has helped me to see that we don’t require it of others. My students would rather plug in, work online, and barely deal with each other if I let them get away with it. I however require that they turn their phones in at the beginning of the period and interact not only with each other, but with me as well.

This interaction though, it isn’t always genuine. I don’t actually make them answer the same questions I’m answer, although it might be a good idea. In fact, I think that I will start making this a part of their daily thought process in February. How are they deliberately, genuinely making others feel good, and how could they have actually made better connections on their own.

Just typing out this reflection has already made me a better person, a better teacher, a learner, and a doer. I didn’t even touch on my own personal fails, of which there were plenty. I am choosing not to dwell on what I didn’t do, but rather how I can better accomplish what I need to continue doing.

Drop me a comment and let me know how your January went. Have you reflected yet?


In short, I feel most productive when…

If you had to answer that what would your answer be? Would it be when all the tasks are done? When you are actively doing something on the to be done list? When your body is moving? When your brain is moving?

I have realized that I don’t really know what the word means to me. One of the questions on the #highperformanceplanner from #brendonburchard is “If one word could describe the type of person you want to be today [sic]”…and I tend to write productive…and then for the question about how I would know today was a great success I always write “relief”.

As I was contemplating this today I realized that didn’t seem very forward moving, or even very coach like. It seemed like it was very task oriented, and that the tasks I was tending to focus on were not the ones that would move my ideas, my projects, or my goals forward, but rather the menial ones that have to be done day to day.

Now, I know that there are days when that is all some of us can manage. Trust me, I actually wrote “shower” down the other day in a time slot to make myself get up and get it done. But on the daily, is that the person I want to be? Is that who I really am and if so how do I get out of that rut?

So now I am working on defining productive to work for me. To be different, to be more, to create the high performance experience (#hpxlife) I am truly looking for to be able to help provide for and create a thriving life for my family that gives us all the ability to continue growing.

What’s Your Mindset?

As a teacher we have recently been hearing the catchphrase “growth mindset”. We are integrating training or rather recognition or a growth mindset versus a limiting mindset into our Freshman Seminar courses, and all teachers are supposed to view all of their students with a growth mindset and encourage those who are sleeping through class or talking back, to reevaluate how they view things so that they can learn to develop this “growth mindset”. But really, what is it? We can research and read definitions, and do practice lessons to take back to the classroom, but what does that really mean for us? And beyond us, what does it mean for the students? Or if you aren’t a teacher by day, what would that mean to you?

I am working on making myself better. Maybe you noticed that from all of the blog posts prior to this one. I am learning to be a life coach (something I discovered today I already do a lot of), and I am reading Brendon Burchard’s book High Performance Habits. I was in the process of perusing the first chapter before I took to it with a highlighter and colored pens, and discovered part of the catchphrase, right there. “The mindset you choose to adopt” is the number one bullet point on the malleable things that effect our performance and our ability to change and improve.

So now I am thinking, how do I take this idea, merge it with something I already know too much about, and create a way to make them work for me. And then I realized something else, my mindset was instantly one of a growth and inquisitive nature. I knew a little about this in general, a lot about it in education, and now I wanted to work on how to move it into my new outlook on life, how to apply it to my own growth and attitude about what I am doing.

My changes are not just in learning, but in how I approach my home and keeping it organized and clean, and how I get the outside tasks done for those things I am responsible for, and how to nurture my spirit all within this new mindset, not just of growth but of love, of responsibility, of not being broken but rather on a different path.

What’s your mindset? Do you need help shifting it? What do you do if you find yourself not where you want to be? Feel free to drop me a message!

There is always someone who has your back…

even if it is the energy surrounding you. You are never alone, even though you may feel like it. Situations arise and often we feel that there is no one who will support us through it, but the fact is, we don’t need someone to support us through it. If we just work hard through it, put good energy out about it (whether an outcome, or getting out of, or a gentle goodbye), we will find ourselves on the other side of it without needing anyone else.

Now that isn’t to say having someone else there would be nice. We all know that does not always happen though. The emotions and energy we feel when someone is there however, are things we can draw on for ourselves when we feel alone. That sense of support, companionship, trust, relief that there is someone who can help us…those are all things that can come from within, from the energy around us, and from our own wants and desires.

I am about to embark on some new adventures that I hope bring me to a place of peace, financial freedom, and travel ability. Right now I teach High School…that does not lend itself to any of those. This is the first time I have actually put it out there. I haven’t said anything to anyone as I begin taking classes and learning some new things, and I am working through my Brendon Burchard #hpxlife and the new planner that I just received. With these tools in my life I am hoping to find the energy, the dedication, and the intention to be the best me, with better goals.

Even if I find myself not being able to accomplish it all, I know that the learning I am going to be doing will benefit me where I am at. No matter what I win, I move forward, and I become a better me. This is all I can ask for, moving forward to a better me; the rest will fall into place around me as it is supposed to.

Today’s The Universe has Your Back card: The Universe Has MY Back

Intention: Trust that is will work the way it should

Personal Reflection: “Feeling alone/exposed is something we’ve all felt at some point. Not always, but vulnerable, attacked, or just left to face life with no help. This is a reminder that you are never truly alone. There is a greater energy, a greater being around us who, who always has us covered. Trusting that we are where we need to be when we need to be there is important. So is being open, receptive and willing to listen to what is being offered. The Universe has my back, it is time to grow, to shine, to be the best me, and let the rest go by the wayside.”

The Human Experience

We are so much more than our bodies. Yes, I said it. I know that it is difficult to believe, and hard to remember, but it is true. Our bodies carry our spirits and our spirits are here to learn. We are having a human experience, to grow within. These emotions, these experiences help us to become the people we want to be, will help to create the peace within that we are searching for.

Sometimes, it is difficult. When your body hurts, when you have a headache, or something isn’t functioning right it is difficult to remember that we are more than just the body, that we are energy and spirit, and that the body is a temporary thing for us to learn in, and from. Instead of focusing on the pain itself, or our inability to do something we want to do, we need to be working on what we can learn from it, what it is meant to show us about our inner strength and those around us.

We are here to get closer to love, our spirits are growing and wanting to be part of something larger. When the body is damaged is can be overwhelming, making us forget that this is all temporary, that our spirit is what we need to be focused on. We are creating a better place, by being better people.

That is not to say that we should be ignoring pain in the physical body, or not nurturing it, for it holds the spirit and we want it to be around for as long as possible to learn as much as possible. It simply means we want to remember that we are so munch more than just the physicality of the body itself. Yes, we want to nurture and nourish it, but we don’t want to become so focused on it that we forget what we are all about.

Today’s The Universe Has Your Back card: I am a spirit having a human experience and I’m here to get closer to love.

Intention: I will allow the love surrounding me to enhance my experiences.

Personal Reflection: Understanding that I am more Ethan just the physical body I have travel in is always difficult, especially on days when I hurt or ache (like today with a migraine). Keeping in mind that love is the reason I am here will help keep my days on track. As I’ve talked about before love is more than romance, it is all things. Also, showing caring, empathy, and compassion bring you closer to love, letting others know someone cares is important and helps create a surrounding sense of love, allowing our spirit to continue its growth and understanding of the world.

I Control My Perspective

What I see, how I see it, what is makes me feel/think, that is all within my control. There is nothing buy my own thoughts, feelings, and look on the world that tells me how to see something, except of course when I allow those things to jade me. We often want others to tell us what they see, or to let us know when we see something different. The problem with that is that it can skew our own perception, influencing us to see things that aren’t there, or that aren’t accurate.

When we rely on our own instincts, on our beliefs to show us what is out there we are much better for it. This is how we can control the perspective from which things come at us, or with which we handle things thrown at us. If I want to be angry and negative when something changes, that is a choice I make, and yet I can also choose to handle it with grace and positivity, depending on how I choose to look at it. Do I see it as an obstacle that is unsurmountable, or rather a detour which is going to allow me to see something new and different altogether? Those are choices we make. Those are things we are in command of.

My belief in The Universe as energy and growth from all things being connected, means that I should be choosing to see what is truly there, and not just what I am being shown. Yet often I am clouded in how I view things. I allow the perceptions of others, the “truth” of what my eyes show me, to cloud what is there, rather than relying on why my instincts are saying, or closing my eyes and allowing the energy to tell me what is really going on.

This is an area of growth for me. Something I am promising to do, especially in my day job. Often times I glance over a classroom full of teenagers and I see…teenagers. That means I am missing the kid who didn’t get breakfast, or the one who just had a nasty breakup. I need to be controlling the perspective and trusting the energy that is being shown, if I open myself to it.

Today’s The Universe Has Your Back card: When I lean on certainty and faith I change my mind about the world I see.

Intention: I will trust the Universe to show me what I need to see.

Personal Reflection: “I need to work on opening my mind to seeing beyond what my eyes are showing me. There is so much more and if I rely only on my eyes I will miss what I should be focusing on. As I am listening to meditations while I drive I have discovered my commute is faster and easier, because my eyes are not the only thing seeing. Trusting the energy to guide my “seeing” will help me all areas of growth.