Monday is as Monday does!

Yep, we have arrived at Monday.  I have discovered that Mondays come with their own unique set of issues.  One that I discovered today, language.  My seniors were finishing up their presentations.  Friday they had amazing presentations, great speech patterns, despite being nervous, and no language slippage.  Today…well let’s just say I had some great presentations that received poor marks due to poor speaking, inappropriate language, and slang!!!! Yes, slang in a formal presentation and project.  *sigh*

I know that the world is different for those who are younger, I teach high school and have for many, many years.  However, I also believe that if you are given a set of instructions, time to work in the classroom where questions can be answered by both the facilitator and those working around you, you should be able to create something according to those directions. Maybe I am just out of touch, but last time I checked, if I am asked to do something a specific way and I don’t, there are consequences.

After several false starts today, my students finally realized I was going to make them do their presentation until they met the guidelines, or they were taking a loss in points.  Most opted to re-do their presentations.  Some however, were content to just take a loss in points.  The understanding of why putting the work in to do something right, simply didn’t compute for them.

I ended up having to put a happy blend into the diffuser for my own soul.  In addition, I took several small trips to the outside so that I could let go of the frustration.  I took in the cool, crisp air and let go of the feelings building inside.  I have to realize I have done what I can, and continue to offer them the chance to grow and learn.  If they choose not to take the chance given, there is not much I can do about it.  Thank goodness I have a great green space right outside of my classroom door.  I can ground, center and come back in ready to tackle the next thing.

This weekend I accomplished nothing and it felt wonderful.  Today marks the beginning of a new week, and a new start.  I am going to stay the positive route, keep my mind and body moving forward and find some new blends and mixes for the diffuser.  Lavender and immune are still going at home as hubby still isn’t well, but I will be back soon with something new!

Today’s Tarot: Eight of Pentacles – Slow, steady work…labor intensive but commit with a sincere effort.


We all know we should, even if it isn’t part of a religious practice, it is now common knowledge that meditation, or purposeful breathing, is a practice every person should put into their day for at least 15 minutes.

The Mayo Clinic says “The emotional benefits of meditation can include:

Meditation is a simple practice in its purpose.  It simply helps us keep grounded and do a check in with ourselves. We can stay present better, our minds don’t wander as much or worry as much if we meditate.

However, the practicality of incorporating meditation into the busy lives we all have is not quite as simple.  One would think, given that I am a practicing pagan/Wiccan that I would make this a part of my daily life.  The truth is I am also a full time High School teacher, a mom of 4 boys (2 of whom are at home still), and a wife. What that means in reality is that when I have 15 minutes, I don’t sit and meditate. I have it on my planner as a daily practice, but I haven’t been able to check it off in weeks.  I have three apps on my phone, two of which remind me I need to do this; I simply snooze them.

I am very aware that I need to get this practice back into my daily routines.  My feelings of being unsettled, ungrounded and flighty would all go away.  I also know that to do this I need to spend about 5 hours cleaning the space in my bedroom where my altar and meditation space is set up.  This has turned into the “house everything not in use” space for us. That alone is enough to make me give up.

This ties into yesterday’s post about everyday being a new day.  Today, when my husband goes to work (so really tonight), I clean my room until it is where I want it to be and where I need it.  My mental health isn’t horrid, but it is enough that it is beginning to wear on me.  When that happens, things slip and slide into oblivion.  I don’t want to clean, I don’t want to get off the couch, I don’t want to do anything.  This is a spot I have been in often lately, but I am working on it.

Today is the New Day/Fresh Start I was talking about yesterday.

Weekend Work

While binge watching Grimm on Amazon and Playoff Football on network TV (with antennae) I managed to get 90% of my kitchen re-organized and cleaned. The coffee mugs and spices cupboard are left to organize and the stove top is left to clean. Anyone who knows me is aware of what a Herculean task this was. My oldest step-son came out of his cave for sustenance, blinked and said ” we have counter space, everywhere”. I responded “lets try to keep it that way” to which of course I received a blank stare back.

I also made super yummy homemade mac and cheese on Saturday and a great smelling chicken tortilla casserole on Sunday. Now I’m set to meal plan for the week and try to get to the grocery store. That may be tomorrow though. We have plenty of leftovers and my youngest son has a concert for choir this afternoon.

Oh in cleaning I managed to sell multiple appliances for which I will get 1 appliance that replaces them all. So more space in general. This is super exciting. Once I get my new appliance I will have one more single serve blender I can sell.

As someone who loves to practice kitchen witchery I am always relieved when I purge and clean. However, I suck at keeping it that way and then I get overwhelmed. So what are your tips for keeping a kitchen that regularly feeds 5, and has maybe 2 that clean it, clean? Let me know because I could use the tips. I am thinking that in a few months I may want to hire someone that comes every other week to help with bathrooms and general cleaning. Do you have an outside house keeper?

I am most excited because with the kitchen the way it is right now I can also get, a water garden and start growing my herbs again. That was the major motive behind cleaning it as thoroughly as I did. Hydroponic Gardens for the kitchen are super fun and easy and fresh herbs are the best. Do you have one? If so do you love it? What brand is it? Pros and cons?

Okay. Off to check the casserole and get ready for the concert. May your weekend be blessed.

Feeling Successful – Falsely

Today was a great day!  I set out to do 6 things on my list and I got them all done!  I am a success! Yes! I’m Great!

Wouldn’t that be an awesome thing to say and think and feel.  Well for me it is true.  I did get everything done today that I set out to do, including going to my tattoo appointment alone, something I hadn’t done before.  I am having my entire back and butt covered with a personal image the artist plucked from my mind.  I hate pain and this is my first tattoo, so usually my amazing man goes with me.  Today he was sleeping (he works night and worked last night and then again tonight), so off I went on my own.

When I got home and checked things off on my list I realized I was flying high.  I had gotten almost everything done.  What was left? The blog and the Instagram Challenge.  I asked myself if I needed to do them, since I had gotten everything else done and some of them had been hard and time consuming.  After all, a majority of it got done and now I’m tired.

The answer of course is yes, it must get done.  I was riding high on this successful feeling and trying to give myself a grace period, on Day 3 of the goal setting.  ?  Yep…and it is my experience that this is how the slide begins.  We get most of it done, so that’s good enough right?  After all tomorrow’s list of to-dos is less so we could add a few to there, right?  NO!!! Now, if you have to move something because someone else is supposed to help, or you need them to do something, different then giving yourself a “break” for getting almost everything done.

I told myself to stay the course, karma will come for me, and that intent is big.  My words have power, and right now that power is keeping me on the right path.mywordshavepower

A Successful Day

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

While today was not as efficient as I perhaps would have liked…we did get a lot done.  Small things matter too. one thing I discovered was Bloglovin.  This is a new site for me and I am excited to see how it goes. These are new and scary days for me, but what life’s all about.  So with the intent of Follow Through for my year, and all those goals I set, this is just one step, in what I hope is the right direction.

What did you do today to help yourself stay on the path you set?


Happy Solar Revolution

So today begins 2017.  I have 2 monthly Instagram “challenges” that I have downloaded to look at and see what I can do to keep myself in the motivation space.  One is the #rockyourhappy2017 challenge and the other is the #janpabphotochallenge.  I would suggest, if you are an Insta person, you check them out.  One is a planner challenge, the other is not.  They are both asking for…intentions and goals, just on different days.  Lucky me I’ve already done that and I have them ready to go.

How about you?  Did you set your intentions and goals for the year? For the month? For the week?  Remember it isn’t about how far out you set things, rather about making sure they are attainable, realistic and help move you forward.

Today is a short blog,  which you probably appreciate.  Enjoy your Holiday.  Tomorrow we begin New.

Goals and Intentions

It’s that time again, where people feel the need to reinvent themselves based on the passing of the year. Goals are different from resolutions. And with those goals we must create intent.  

As we all look forward and decide what it is we need to be doing and what  we’re changing in the month of January and the year of 2017 I have to stop and wonder why? What is it that makes us think simply by saying I am going to be a better person, or I’m going to lose 20 pounds, I’m going to clean the house daily, or fold the laundry when it comes out of the dryer, what will actually happen? When we haven’t been doing those things for the past 12 months why do we think they will magically begin to happen for the next 12 months?

In magic and a witch’s world, words and intent are everything. When we say something there is intention behind what we say, for we know that there is energy carried within those words in the intent of them is with the energy will follow. So when I say I’m going to do the laundry, I mean I’m going to do the laundry. However, I am still responsible for the actions that go with that intent. When I do not follow the intent of the words, then what karma is for. So then what do I do when 2017 rolls around and everybody else is setting resolutions for themselves? I set goals.

What is the difference you might ask? Well there are several things that I do that are probably different the first is I make a list of those things that I want to accomplish. Then usually have that list somewhere in my planner or on a vision board where I can see it. The next then of course is a vision board or even just a blog, or a page with some pictures on it, simply shows me what it is I am aiming for. After that I set realistic time frame is for those goals. If Michael is to make sure I fold the laundry after it is washed weekly, well then the dates are weekly for that particular goal. However, since I know I need to lose about 20 pounds going to take a little bit longer. However, I do know that I can set myself at the workout time on a daily basis. It’s workout time will then make reaching my goal a particularly easy task the hard part will be following through on the workout daily. So again the intent is there always the intent is always there. It is the follow-through. So I’m going to share my list of goals for 2017 and then I would love for you to share yours and if you need help in setting some or in setting time lines that are realistic for yourself and by all means please ask for that help I will be glad to offer some assistance.

My goals for 2017:

Lose 15lbs – use Beach body on-demand programs on a daily basis

Clean and organize one room in the house each month

Continue to blog even if no one is reading it on a daily basis

Save up the money to buy the house by May 31


Start back to school in June for doctorate in spiritual co