Hello.  I am a teacher, mother, student, pagan, counselor-in-training and someone who generally loves to help others.  As I study and grow I wanted to share and help others also study and grow.

In the past month two of my boys have grown into maturing young men.  My Senior signed his delayed entry contract for the Navy and will ship out to the recruit training center (boot camp) in October after he turns 18.  My Junior finally decided he didn’t want to be a chef and is working hard to bring his grades back up and to make the A-G requirements to go to a state college here in California.  I cannot believe the growth I have seen in  both of them.

I am continuing my own training through my third degree course at Sacred Mists.  The current lesson ties with my counselor-in-training.  It is Spiritual Mentoring.  I cannot believe how much I am learning.  I would imagine you will see lots of blogging about this as I go through it as 30 pages into the training book I have found numerous things that resonate.

May February be a month of growth for all.