This Week!

So I had my surgery on January 24th and have been recovering since. My post-op appointment is on Friday the 4th, and I am looking foward to it as my pain is increasgin again for some reason. With that stated ahead of time, I forgot both a podcast and a blog last Sunday, so I am currently getting both up for last week, and planning this Sundays.

The podcast will focus on the next cards in the study, The Empress and the Emperor. I am excited to be able to discuss these two cards as we move forward. Right now I am doing my daily draws at work using the amazing pocket deck of The Wild Unknown tarot. I am totally in love with the deck and the pocket version is perfect for taking everywhere with me. I still love using my Affirmators! Tarot, but right now The Wild Unknown is speaking to me.

My book for the past two weeks has been The Magical Writing Grimore by Lisa Marie Basile. Wow! That is all I can say. I am so in love with what she is saying, and the process she is taking me through with basically learning to use your words, your everyday words, to create the magick in your life that you are looking for. One of my favorite quotes from the book that I am carrying everywhere with me right now is “I was never afraid of the dark because I believe there is always a light somewhere, even if you have to it into existence.” This spoke to the darkness in my soul right now. I can write the light myself, I don’t have to wait on someone else to bring it.

Given my state of mind and lack of energy for the pat 6 months, I can say that going through the process of writing it myself is huge and helpful. It is allowing me to process, and then see the break through pieces. I am excited for the growth the process will bring.

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