A New Year, Again

So here we are! This year is going to be great, better than ever. Sound familiar? It did to me too. And yet, I want to believe. So, with that said, I am back. Whether that is a good or bad thing is for you to decide. I am happy to be here. I love what I am doing with my life, and I am taking the months before I turn 50 to do some deep diving into myself. That includes finishing the things I have started and starting some new ones.

My husband and I have started an amazing crystals and stones business. We are having a great time buying and selling. It has brought us closer together and taught us how to communicate in new and exciting ways. If you are interested you can find us on Instagram at @hkcrystalsandstones.

I have also started a new podcast. It is centered around tarot and magick, and it is mostly for me, but I love followers so if you have an interest in the same things I do, then by all means find me wherever you listen to podcasts. The title, interestingly enough, is “A Touch of Magick”. I hope you decide to give it a listen and a follow as I find myself this year.

I am doing a 365 day tarot challenge. I am pulling 3 cards a day always and I am trying to get them up on Instagram on my personal page @hds27 . However, due to some health issues already (which I’ll get to in a minute), I am not always on Instagram or able to take the pictures of my daily draws. I am doing them though.

2022 was going to be my year! And it still is, just not quite how I thought. I went into the year excited and ready to tackle everything. On the 6th I had emergency surgery to drain a cyst (benign). That set me back a bit, and then it filled back up, so I was back at the dr the following week and from there it sorta took a turn. I am going to be having a cyst removal surgery on Monday as things didn’t go as planned, and I broke a tooth last week so had to get a crown in super quick! Yeah… by day 24 I will have had 2 surgeries and a crown placed. This has made for some stuck days and some painful days, and just derailing what was going to be an amazing month.

My podcast has not come out on the days I want, but it will. I haven’t been able to post on IG for the challenge, even if I am pulling the cards, but I will. I have not had the chance to read the books I want, but I will. I have not been able to meditate and self-care the way I wanted, but I will. My outlook is not going to be one of defeat, but rather one of “I Will”.

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