Smudging – Sage Bundles

One of the most common cleansing rituals is the use of a Sage bundle.  It is used to clear away negative energies from people and places, to cleanse crystals, to get rid of lingering spirits, and for in general making the energy and space around you clear. 

Most commonly used for a Smudge bundle is white sage.  Native Americans called it Sacred Sage and it was used not just for getting rid of negative and unwanted energies, but for blessings, protection, and more, including healing.  We are more than just our physical bodies, we are the energy we emit and take in as well. 

Smudge Bundles often consist of sage, lavender, tobacco, cedar, sweet grass, and other leaves and plants that are used in healing and energy work.  As the smoke emits from the smudge bundle to do the work it is being asked to do it is directed with a feather or fan of feathers.  In the Native American culture birds are thought to help you communicate with spirits and higher entities so the feathers are a means of gathering the help you need from those you are calling on and to comb the energies for you. 

The embers are often caught in an abalone shell.  This is because the shell represents the element of water, and brings balance to the other elements you are working with and creates a harmonious loop of all 4 elements. 

Remember, this is about cleansing a space, not filling it up with smoke or harming anyone.  Be safe and make sure you have the proper space and tools to smudge responsibly. 

I have linked the sites below that I pulled information from. Also, I have included two chants that I personally do when I am sagining.  One if for a person and the other is for a space. 

Cleansing a Space

Light Sage Bundle and get out feather/fan

Repeat as you walk through the space (focusing on corners):

Clear this space of all that is negative

Replace it with light and harmony

May the balance be restored

Cleansing a Person 

Light sage bundle and get out feather/fan

Repeat as you walk clockwise around them: 

Clear this vessel of all that is negative

Replace it with harmony, balance, and good will

May the energies from within be balanced and restored

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