Summer Self-Confidence Ritual

Summer Self-Confidence Ritual

Well we are officially into the summer season, even with the strangeness of the world around us, we want to be out and about, feeling good and soaking up those rays of sunshine and that fresh summer air. However, if you are anything like me, the COVID-19 has hit your emotions and confidence.  When we are surrounded by negative words and fear it feeds into our own energies. So what did I do?  I turned to my favorite candle magick. 

I started with a Gold candle (I’ll tell you why in a minute), got out a piece of crackle paper (found here: this is some amazing stuff and perfect for all rituals that involve burning paper), a pen, and my sage stick).  I was going to get rid of the negative and bring in the positive. 

Gold is the color of:  Abundance, Fame and Fortune, Ambitions, Money, Positivity, Happiness, Creativity, Divination, Power, Influence, Luxury, Masculine Energy, Sun Magick and The God. So I wanted to harness the happiness, creativity, and sun magick aspects of the color to work into the ritual of Self-Confidence. 

I used a multi-color crackle paper to pull in the aspects of other colors as well.  I lit the candle and focused on the flame.  As I stared into the flame I guided my mind to think about how I felt when I was at my most confident.  What did I feel, how did I present myself.  As I gathered that list I wrote down the ones that were most prominent onto the paper.  Once I had them written down, I lit the sage, cleansed myself and my space of all negative energy, and then burned the paper to release the confidence and positive energy into the areas I had just cleansed.  I then smudged the rest of my house with the same positive thoughts I had just put in, and allowed my candle to burn itself out safely.  

I have been so happy with the energy that I took in and am now able to exude and create.  The negative aspects have gone and I have my summer self-confidence back, even in the heart of this pandemic. 

Summer Self-Confidence Ritual:


1 Gold Candle

1 pen/marker

1 piece of crackle paper (or ritual paper)

Smudge Stick



Light the candle.  Focus on the flame and guide your mind to think about how you feel when you are more confident. Write that list onto the paper as you think of it. Now, light the smudge stick and cleanse yourself and your ritual space, allow sage to continue to smoulder once you are done.  Burn the paper with the words to fill the area just cleansed with the confidence and positivity that you put down, taking in the energy that is being released. Once you have done that, smudge the rest of your space with that positive energy, and, if safe, allow the candle to burn down to finish your ritual.  Thank the Goddess and Guides and close with So Mote It Be. 

Blessed Be, 


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