New Space

Hello! I am so excited to be here again. I am working on getting a schedule down. I don’t have it quite yet, but I promise it will be more regular, even if it is just a quick recipe for an upcoming Sabbat, or a happy Full Moon Blessings.

Right now, I have just received the landscaping plans for my back yard and I can’t be more excited because there is going to be a fire pit/altar area in the back of it which means I will have some outdoor area that will be dedicated to practicing my way of life and meditation.

For me this will be a first and I can’t wait now. In addition, we are putting in a pool, so I will have water and forest all in my backyard. This is something I need. While pool water isn’t river or ocean or stream, it is moving water closer to me than I have right now.

I will also have plants, trees, and open space. This is going to be such an upgrade from the weeds we have now. It will be better for the dog, for the humans, and in addition, the socialization (which we don’t do). I honestly think it will be a life changer. We will be taking a loan out, so our life will need to be adjusted to be able to pay that each month and off soon, but because of the better quality of life at home, it will be an easy transition for us.

What new and exciting things are happening with you this summer?

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