And Just Like That…

Per my usual it is start over time. I feel like I am constantly starting over. Every little thing seems to throw me off for the past few years and I don’t get it, so time to ground and center and get back to being me.

The whole teach online thing, though, that was crazy. I stopped all online activity except teaching and creating because I was screen weary at the end of the day/week. That is where I was at. Now, it I summer and I have taken a week to not do anything. Time to get back at it.

I am block calendaring, I am scheduling it all, I now have a desk space to work at here at home since I needed one to teach, I am determined to get back to the things that make me happiest.

Making candles, writing the blog, creating posts for @sagedapp and reading tarot for them, and writing fantasy romance. I am hoping to get a curriculum creating summer job, but it won’t be for ever or even that many hours.

Today I have pulled the High Priestess, so I know my mindset it back on track and I am channeling the right energy. I have a space to set up my altar both upstairs and downstairs now, so that is going to be a top priority, getting the main one upstairs settled in and getting the new one downstairs all set up. Back to basics and visual reminders about who I am and what is important.

What do you do when you are off? Attend rituals? Create your own? Who do you ask for help from?

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