Wait…I’m Here

I was already slipping into the abyss when the pandemic hit.  I had been clawing and backpeddaling to stay out of it.  I had sold multiple tarot/oracle readings, was feeling good about where I was headed spiritually and it was helping me to keep my head on straight with all the work stuff and I was almost back to be grounded. Damn the abyss. Of course just as I was getting there the bottom fell out of the rest of the world and I went tumbling. However, today I rise. Not just in getting up and getting dressed (which I didn’t), but in saying “I will not sucomb” This is not the end of anything. All that has been presented to us is a chance to change. I am going to take that offer and move forward with it. I refuse to give in to the cravings, the desire to stay in bed, and the heartache that fills me when I think of my students missing out on their Senior year.

This is our opportunity to be the change. Not necessarily the change in the world, but the change within ourselves that we all think about. This isn’t about a new hobby (Goddess knows I don’t need another one of those), or even a new look, although go for it if you want. This is about looking deep inside, seeing what I need to work on, and taking the time that has now been granted to me and working on it. It is about putting down the phone and the iPad and finishing the inner self work. This is about shadow work, finishing my 3rd degree priestess classes. It is about looking at this not as an issue, but as a gift.

While I know that not every day is going to be easy, and teaching from home when that is not the normal model will take some time, it is not going to take all of it. I need to make sure I am using those minutes that have been blessed to me for what they should be used for. I don’t want to throw them away, they are a gift and need to be treated as such.

What are you doing during this time? If you need a reading check out what I offer. If you need a friend, I can do that too! Drop me a note and let me know how you are, and how you can shift your thinking!

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