Vacation was fabulous!

So the great thing about where I work is that we have these random weeks off. Not just the standard school breaks at the holidays, but weeks in the middle of February, which is awesome! This past week my husband and I went to New Orleans. We got there on a Saturday early afternoon and left Thursday late. This meant that we got to the enjoy the Mardi Gras spirit and early parades without the craziness of all the 20 somethings during actual Mardi Gras weekend. It was amazing. I have never been, so we literally spend 5 days in the French Quarter looking at local artists and enjoying food. While we averaged 8 miles a day walking (in an 8 block area), the slower pace and unplanned days were just what we needed.

I bought a book on HooDoo/Conjure by the HooDoo Man whom I got to meet at the local bar and chat with. I am slowly studying it, pen and highlight in hand, learning about the history, the way of life, the religion and beliefs. It is truly awe inspiring. I bought 2 new oracle decks that I will be working with and then reviewing on here in a couple of weekends. And the art… well I have some truly inspirational pieces that I can’t wait to get framed and up. After walking through the VooDoo Museum, I am filled to the brim with energy, understanding, and a deep appreciation for ingrained beliefs and ideals.

Now though I am back in the classroom. Today’s Word of the Day draw was Tolerance. What a perfect word as the kids come back from their adventures, and me from mine. Reminding myself to be tolerant of the attitudes, the lack of energy, the lack of preparedness was a necessity today. I always forget coming back that if I’m feeling unprepared, they are unprepared.

Today’s Affirmative Tarot card was the Major Aracana Judgment. Yep. Time to stop feeling guilty, aim for the best, and remember that everyday has its highlights and it is our job to find them. Don’t focus on the negative, find the positive. This reminded me of Word for the Year: LOOK. I need to look, even in the midst of all the chaos, for the positive. Today will have some! I refuse to let the rest even enter my space.

Judgment Card: Affirmation Tarot

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