Oh Universe…

Today is the day I choose to reflect on what is working and what isn’t working for me. Interestingly enough the Word of the Day is Balance. While that may seem easy, for someone who is always 100% into everything, and has 100 irons in the fire, it is almost impossible to do. So, I am working on what I can cut out, hand off, or postpone until such a time as I am able to actually devote time to it. One thing that has definitely suffered is my house and my husband. So cutting out a few of the non-productive things I do at home is number one on the list. Next is rearranging the way things are set up in our living room so that we can once again sit next to each other on the couch. Of course both of these have to be done so the house sitter can function this coming week as well!

In addition, I am going back to the drawing board on how I plan. I soooo want to love the downloadable templates and calendar packages on my iPad, but I just never open those programs, so for things like blog topics, and writing articles for @sagedapp, they don’t work because I don’t look. It is going to be back to paper for me, so that I can see what I am doing and force myself to plan and keep on track.

When I pulled the beautiful daily tarot two cards decided to visit. The Empress and The Knight of Swords. New things are coming my way to work on, but I need to be careful in my excitement as well as thoughtful as to how I approach them. This will be an interesting turn in life. With a week off of work for vacation (New Orleans here we come), I can’t wait to see what waits for me when I get back.

I do know that in my life, as I work on balance, daily magick and guidance from the Goddesses and Gods, needs to once again become a priority. Meditating will definitely be in the new routine I work on. Overall, I am the only one who can make sure that this happens, and I will do that.

Creating something from nothing, or taking something and making it bigger and better. I don’t know, but I am ready for it. What new and exciting things are coming your way? Are you ready to tackle them?

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