Or so the cards all told me today.

This morning both Judgment and The World appeared, right after Networking was the word of the day. All 3 of these cards revolve around starting something new. Stating that I have finished a cycle and need to stretch out and reach beyond those I see everyday.

So I suppose that means I need to be looking for what has finished (as it wasn’t super obvious), and begin peering into the future for what it is I am going to be starting next. I did begin networking a little more this morning (before I pulled the card) on social media, but not to the extent that I would think something new would come of it. However, more has happened from less before.

I do know that I will be continuing to work with this particular person in my life for a few more weeks. Maybe the cards came from my feelings of that having to happen, or maybe there really is something coming to a natural journey’s end. If it is the first, then I am not surprised, as I would like the particular person to go away sooner rather than later, and I am now counting the days until Spring Break, which isn’t until April.

Of course, my goal for this term was to be more positive about being here, and to look for ways to work with my administration. I have to remember to be more specific in my intent when I put these things out in the Universe. Clearly I am working much closer with them now, however this was not what I had in mind.

I know to never second guess why the Universe put someone in my path, or why I am taking the journey. Those things always reveal themselves when they are supposed to. I just wish that something easy would jump my ways sometime soon instead of all these difficult obstacles. I know to learn, and I know to look deeper, but still, the stress I could do without.

I read somewhere recently that stress is not the actual thing, but how we think about the thing. I really wanted to embrace the concept, but realized that it just can’t apply to everything. When you hold someone’s career in your hands, and that career could possibly impact thousands of lives, stress happens. I am just hoping to keep myself healthy through April!

How do you handle stress that seems to grow and not lessen no matter what you do?

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