The Universe is Speaking…


So today’s Word of the Day is Outlets. That is in reference to doing things outside of what causes you stress! That’s right, I was told by the Universe to go out and be creative; to allow those things that are building up inside of me to flow freely and in the process get better at something, or create something, or simply move so that th energy isn’t staying pent up. What perfect timing as the extra assignment I got is not going well, and causing extreme stress. So what is it I want to do today? Well I stopped what I was doing and came to write this. I will be cooking dinner and going out and shopping for the pets. I will also, make some candles I think. Even if I don’t get to the candles today, they are going on the list for the weekend.

Today’s tarot card from the Affirmators Tarot, The Emporer. While I often comment on the energy and synchronicity I am yet again amazed and the tie between the Word of the Day and the Tarot draw. Of course he came to tell me to get on with it, to do what I want to do, to make the plan that will get me moving forward. I am excited to say I did apply for several new positions. Of course, there is a lot of change, and I am not so good with that, so we shall see what comes from all of this, but if nothing else, I moved forward.

What is your favorite creative outlet when the stress is high? Or maybe you play a sport? Or are you an exercise person? We all need something. Drop me a quick line to let me know what it is you do to make sure the stress doesn’t become the only thing.

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