Tuesday as Monday…

So here we are, the first work day of my week. I have now been hit with 3 surprises, and some conflicting information. Always fun. Good thing my word for the day was Focus, and my card pull was The High Priestess.

I put my focus word to good use. Closed out all the apps I was using to distract myself, grabbed some quartz to carry around and use as a focus object, and got to work making sure I was totally prepared for the rest of the week. Now I can make sure that the new student teachers I inherited unexpectedly is going to actually work for me.

I am going to trust my instincts and go with the positive vibe, but things are going to change for sure. I love teaching teachers, it is one of my all time passions. I am often given those student teachers that aren’t going well for others, this is the 3rd one like that in 2 years. So it isn’t as if I’m not used to it. I just am hoping I’m up for it.

Creating relationships, working hard with the students, and honoring the need for great teachers is a balance. Tonight I will do a cleansing spell, I will ask for guidance from Artemis, and I will look to the stars to create a sense of enlightenment.

It is going to hopefully, as he gets into the groove, create some more time and peace in my life. We shall see though. The opposite of course is that it creates more stress, and actual work. However, I would like to think that I am a little better than that at guiding and helping.

Short today, as I have to front load a few things. See you much sooner now that I have the time during my day.

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