When It All Connects

I love it when I do multiple things, pull cards from multiple decks, or different kinds of decks and the whole world just connects itself to the energy.

It has not been an easy start to the year 2020. With the word of the year being LOOK, and me taking the time to really look at what is around me, and within me, I realized how much work there is. That of course overwhelmed me, so I had to pull back and think a little about how to approach it all.

Today was the first day I pulled any cards. I pulled a Word of the Day card, and of course a single tarot card. Both of those come from Emily McDowell at Knock Knock Products in the Affirmators! Section (https://knockknockstuff.com). I love her stuff because it is real, and I can have it at work without anyone asking any questions…

So as I am sitting here in my classroom, a former student working on the mural he started 18 months ago and is wanting to finish during his college breaks, no kids as it is my prep, I realized that I needed to start, today. Not put it off, or get distracted by a book, but to actually write a blog, pull a card, write an article for SagedApp, and of course try to move forward in my novel a little. So of course, I graded papers, started reading a new novel, and in general ignored myself.

A fellow teacher came in with something she had printed in regards to a personal matter and distracted me for a moment. As she was leaving I realized that even with all that was going on in her life, she was focused on what she needed to do get through it and get it done. I was over here avoiding things I actually love doing, simply because I don’t want to think that hard. Probably not a great thing.

I closed up the book I was reading, grabbed the easy deck first, Affirmators! For Work, and got down to it. The card: Listening. Yep, that’s right. Listening. I had to laugh as I realized for the first time in 2 weeks I had just listened to my inner self screaming at me to get this done. All about being present, listening to what is being said, to what is being asked of you, and most importantly about listening to yourself and not putting YOU aside or off. Also, it was interesting because I have a phone consult today with the Geneticist on the results of my tests a few ago.

Once I spent some time meditating on that card and understanding that I had just proven my own point I decided to pull a tarot card. Now I have 100+ decks of tarot/oracle cards, but not all of them can sit on my desk at school and be okay. The Affirmators! Tarot is one that can, so I literally have access to it every week day.

As I shuffled through and then pulled a card, well low and behold I got The Moon (see below). Yep. Be present, don’t let the shadows and daydreams pull you in because they are not reality, just a reflection of it. Remember that you reflect all that is within, and that you need to know what is within and how to present it best. Listen to the shadows, but don’t fall into them. Wait… what? Listen… of course.

Looking back I realize now that I have been living somewhere that doesn’t exist. That escape is creating a bigger gap in the reality I have. I need to remember to be present, to be focused, to LISTEN, and of course to follow the guidance of the Moon Mother as she presents the opportunities to step out of the dreamworld and into the world of reality.

What do you do to make sure you are present, living in the reality and not in the shadows and dreamworld? How do you kickstart what needs to happen? Please drop me a comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “When It All Connects

  1. I pull cards too when I feel I need some grounding.
    Lately I’ve been putting off a really big life change, even though I’ve been working towards it for almost a year. At first the cards (some pulled from my own decks; some from when a friend did readings for me) told me that I was going to be really successful and achieve what I wanted. Then they started telling me that I’m still going to be successful, but that I need to take action. The last few have plainly stated that I need to just get on with it! Even the cards are fed up with my procrastinating! 😂


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