Holiday Season Blahs

It is that time. Samhain has been celebrated in the most glorious of fashions and now we run across the holidays that seem to all be crammed into a tight space.

Veteran’s Day was fabulous, with thanks given to those in our lives, and simply to those in general, who served. This is always a favorite of mine as my dad and my father-in-law served, as well as many others I know, and my son is currently serving.

After that brief flash of inspiration though, we begin the American Thanksgiving, Yule, Christmas, New Year’s crush of depression, weight of the decisions, the familial requirements, and the unrelenting pressure to have Holiday Cheer. It is stifling, and makes thinking an impossibility.

While I do look forward to seeing everyone, even when I am the one traveling, and I love getting gifts for everyone, I too suffer from the pressure of making sure it is just right, that I have given enough to charity as well as my own family, and the overwhelming crush of feeling overwhelmed.

It seems that there is usually some crisis as well about this time, as well as students (as I teach) whose families aren’t handling the pressures or who don’t have the money, the weather is turning cold and wet, there is less light and sunshine, and of course, everyone still wants all of the normal things you accomplish on a daily basis. The added stress usually causes me to just shut down. I often get this week prepped ahead of time and up in Google Classroom, and then I don’t leave the house after I am home, even when I need something (leaving me scrambling and more stressed the next morning), and waiting until the very last minute to get ready for the travel part.

Someday, I am going to figure out a better way, but until then, I am simply repeating, year after year, the same pattern. How do you cope with the Holiday Season Blahs? What great tips, ideas, or plans do you have for those of us who can’t seem to break the cycle?

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