Look Beneath the Surface

Today, the DragonFae that showed up was Drystan – the resident bad boy/trickster who is honest about who he is, even when we don’t want to believe him. Reminding us all that not everything is always as it seems, and we have misplaced our faith in someone or in a situation, that is not what we thought it was.

This is always a tough one. In my own life, trying to see what he is referring to I am almost at a loss, although my mundane job does lend itself with both situations and people, to this little DragonFae, I keep hoping it isn’t so.

Trust is such a fragile thing, for when it is misplaced, we tend to blame two, and one of them is ourselves. We begin to doubt what we really know, and lose self-confidence in our decision making ability. This just lends itself to Drystan showing back up and continuing the cycle.

We have to trust our instincts, and when they tell us that something is off, listen to them. That gut instinct is there for a reason, ignoring it is often to our detriment. Looking beneath, doing some digging, look into the shadows, that is what will help us find the truth.

While the truth isn’t always what we want to see or hear, it is better than having our trust broken entirely, or letting ourselves get tricked and not being able to recover from it. When you sense something is off, then by all means, look deeper. Trust yourself and what you know about your situation. Continue to dig when you feel there is a shadow of a doubt.

Looking a little deeper, taking a little more time, and trusting yourself, will create a much more positive outcome. Remember the trickster/bad boy is there for a reason, but he is honest about who he is, so double check what he is saying, and don’t fall into his trap just because you want him to be your hero, when he has already told you to save yourself.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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