You Are A Peaceful Being!

That is today’s message and daily intention. The message comes from the Oracle of the DragonFae and became a perfect daily intention for a Friday before a 4 day weekend.

As we are settling into our morning here, and my 1st period class is almost done until next Wednesday, I decided to reflect on the message of the card I pulled today. Apalala – You are a peaceful being. The DragonFae Apalala and Buddha learned much from one another, including where to focus their energy. Today that message is meant to show us that it is making the peaceful moments in our day, not focusing on the fight.

While we may be tired of the fighting within our own lives, our communities, and the world, we have to recognize that if we feed the fight, we are not going to help stop it. We need to be focusing on where we can create peaceful moments within those things that will help others stop and breathe for a moment, and find their own peace as well.

As a high school teacher this is a powerful message to me today. Fridays are tough usually no matter what, but the Friday before a 4 day weekend, this close to Thanksgiving, well it is a tougher than normal Friday. I have already realized that it isn’t worth the fight with them. I am simply taking the time to create the moments for all of us to have peace. We are stopping, breathing, talking about fun things, and then returning to what we need to be doing. I don’t want the conflict or the emotions running high today. We all need to be calm, peaceful, and remember that it is a good day.

I try to focus on this type of thing daily, to some degree, but today I am more about the compromise. We are down to a few weeks together, there is no reason they can’t be positive, peaceful, and full of learning. The same goes for my house and my life. While things are chaotic, and there is much emotion right now, taking the time to breathe, to create the space for peace to enter, will help others manage their peace as well.

Remember to take the time today to create the peaceful moments. Don’t fuel the fight. Walk away, breathe, and find what you need to be centered and able to move the peace forward, not the conflict.

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