Sick Again…

Somehow I cannot seem to get well. While it is just a little head cold this time, it is once again slowing me down. I am so glad I have my #highperformaceplanner from #brendanbruchard so that I can at least stay on track at work, and track what isn’t getting done so that I can get it done once I feel better.

We are getting to the end of the semester here, so finals and then grading are going to be my priority for the next week so that at least the job I’m paid for is done. I am hoping I feel well enough to get back to the jobs I am trying to create that will help with a better life, but that seems a long ways off right now.

I am just going to focus on breathing, getting myself into a spot where I can think clearly, and then move forward.

Oh, but we did manage to buy our tickets to Puerto Rico, and book a ghost hunter experience for our trip to Savannah, GA. A few good things to look forward to. If I keep thinking of those I know the crud will go away.

I am also fitting in the things I need to be doing for my online studies, just one at a time instead of all 4 of them. So far, my personal growth is focused on my soul. So my Wiccan practices and moving forward in my courses at Sacred Mists, are where I am putting any extra energies I may have. We are excited to be heading to Savannah soon and I hope to have so much more to say at that point.

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