Magick in the Air

Storms are amazing. Here in California we are experiencing some weird weather…snow in the elevations, and rain, lightening, and high winds down in the Valley a bit. This type of weather is perfect for bringing natural cleansing and energy into your magick and home.

Wind and rain are amazing cleansers. I’ve been known to stand in the midddle of the yard in a big wind storm and accpet the wind into my body, sweeping out the negative and leaving me feeling refreshed and with room to fill my thoughts, my soul, my energy with positivity and balance.

Rain will do the same, although not always as fun as the wind. I do stand in the yard and let the rain wash the impurities from my skin, cleansing it in a way that a shower can’t. Letting the rawness, the pureness of the water take with it all of those things clinging to me that wear me down.

I am so excited for this storm that is beginning today. It is a long lasting one, so I will also put some of my stones out, that I carry with me most, to rinse them off and brush them out, and then on the next full moon reenergize them.

The lightening is such a perfect energizer. It brings raw energy into being and that can be harnessed, carefully, for the magick user. I often put stones out to gather energy to store for later use in spells and protection. Raw energy is great for gardens, gnome homes, and faery rings as well. Things grow better with energy pulsing around them, and of course the gnomes and faeries always love to gather energy in. Along with honey bread, I mean who wouldn’t want that.

So this week, and into the weekend, I will be cleansing my soul and body, and gathering energy in one of its purest forms. I love storms! What are you doing?

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