Blessed Imbolc….Blessed Candlemas

Brigid has lit the way for us to begin the lighted season of our year. What a wonderful time this will. As we say goodbye to Herne for the moment, and allow him the rest he so deserves, and the candles are lit to guide the light back into the world, we are all getting ready to let go of the shadows and step into the light.

If you walk a pagan/Wiccan path then today is the day to bless your candles for the year. The time to give them the energy of the beginning of the light time and our step out of the darkness and shadows. I just finished participating in an amazing ritual with Sacred Mists, and we were able to bless the candles from the shop with the energy generated, so all candles sent out are not Imbolc Blessed. What a great thought this is.

It is also a time to start that journey. Stretch and shake off the winter blues and darkness and begin the lighted path. We took January to lay the groundwork, to start the habits, get into the mode and figure out the plan. Today, Imbolc, Candlemas, February 1…today is the day to walk the path you have set the foundation for.

What path are you embarking on? I of course have several, but the big one for me is the Life Coach Certification. I am already working on it, today I recommit and refocus to make it a reality. I have also recommitted to making sure I finish my Priestess Certification, and stay up on my lessons there. I am a strong individual, and part of who I am is to continue to grow in what I do.

I am so excited to say that we are traveling to Georgia in April (and South Carolina for a Navy graduation), and then to Puerto Rico in June. In between I am sure I will get up to see my parents in Washington State, and maybe we will even get to Arizona. Nevada is a given as I am only 2 hours from Reno or Tahoe, but Las Vegas in November is back on the agenda. We are also intending to take some time in January as several big conventions happen that we want to hit up.

We have been talking to the retirement specialist, which is exciting even though it is several (13) years off. It is exciting to see what we still be able to afford and do, the planning is commencing. This is a time of beginnings and we have lots that we are starting, even if the evolution is years away. We are also planning the sale of our house in 3-5 years…and so the updating is beginning there as well.

Imbolc, the time of renewal, or beginnings, of the light returning. This is what today is about. Take the step, begin the journey. Let me know what it is you are getting ready to embark on.

9 thoughts on “Blessed Imbolc….Blessed Candlemas

    1. Mags that is so exciting. It is one of my favorite times of year for sure. And as I get a little older, it is such a great time to begin planning the Crone years. I am looking forward to it all. I love that you are jumping into something new!

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  1. I had not heard of Imbolc until today. Sounds like you are very busy. For me i’m just trying to be more positive and focus on the future rather then the past. I also need to stress less and relax more which is not easy for me. Hope all goes well for you and your plans of selling your home.


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