In short, I feel most productive when…

If you had to answer that what would your answer be? Would it be when all the tasks are done? When you are actively doing something on the to be done list? When your body is moving? When your brain is moving?

I have realized that I don’t really know what the word means to me. One of the questions on the #highperformanceplanner from #brendonburchard is “If one word could describe the type of person you want to be today [sic]”…and I tend to write productive…and then for the question about how I would know today was a great success I always write “relief”.

As I was contemplating this today I realized that didn’t seem very forward moving, or even very coach like. It seemed like it was very task oriented, and that the tasks I was tending to focus on were not the ones that would move my ideas, my projects, or my goals forward, but rather the menial ones that have to be done day to day.

Now, I know that there are days when that is all some of us can manage. Trust me, I actually wrote “shower” down the other day in a time slot to make myself get up and get it done. But on the daily, is that the person I want to be? Is that who I really am and if so how do I get out of that rut?

So now I am working on defining productive to work for me. To be different, to be more, to create the high performance experience (#hpxlife) I am truly looking for to be able to help provide for and create a thriving life for my family that gives us all the ability to continue growing.

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