Karma – All Around

I am doing a 7 day Transformation Week “workshop” with Brendon Burchard. As usual I was slightly behind, so I did Days 1 & 2 today. While I haven’t gotten to the intense worksheets yet, I watched the videos and I took lots of notes. It of course had almost some exact words from my own thoughts yesterday. His word is “command”, taking charge of all the things and encouraging them to happen, not to just let them come to you. Yesterday’s card was “I am the dreamer in control of my dream”, the exact same concept… I felt smacked by Karma…no doubt.

Then, before working on the worksheets, I wanted to get today’s blog and Universe card out. So I am reflecting on all the things I was just hearing and watching, and my energy is focused on that and on getting the right message for today. Karma…today’s message is about having faith in the things around you. Seriously, Universe? After listening about surrounding yourself with the things and people who make you feel alive, and give you energy, not I’m supposed to learn that my own happiness is a direct reflection of my trust and faith in the Universe itself…okay. I hear you Karma…

Now if that isn’t enough, as you’ll see in today’s picture, the journal page has the same quote on it. Yep…Karma again. Clearly, I am supposed to be talking today about how we need to trust in the Universe. How, although sometimes we learn hard lessons when we do that, it is the best way for us to get to our own energy and level of happiness.

Between the #transformationweek learnings from #hpxlife and #theuniversehasyourback cards, Karma wants me to remember, and to remind you, that we have the ability to be where we want to be, we just have to create the space, go at it with positive intention, be mindful and ritualistic in getting ourselves the energy and letting ourselves be open to what we need, to get to the level of happiness we are looking for in life.

Creating a morning ritual that revitalizes you, every morning, and opening yourself up to what the Universe has to offer for that day, and what you have to offer the Universe, will show Karma, that we are ready to be the best we can be, and to help others. Remember, what we put out is what comes back. Don’t put the negative out there, release it, ground it, and then put out the positive that you are looking for.

Today’s The Universe Has Your Back Card: My Happiness is a direct reflection of my level of faith in the Universe

Intention: I will trust what is around me and not doubt the direction it leads me.

Personal Reflection: “Well when it pops up both as a random draw and on the page you’re journaling it is clear you need to be paying attention to what is being said. Often I try to control all factors, leaving little to faith. I clearly have both control and trust issues where my Universal faith is concerned. We all know Karma – she is never as far away as she appears. When I am trying to control too much it is because when I let go I feel like Karma always s makes me, yet clearly, these are the lessons I am to be learning, so I need to let go more often and learn them so I can move forward.”

Personal Reflection

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