A New Day, A New Start

Every day is a New Day and a New Start.  Never let yourself get so far down that you forget that the chance to start again, with a different attitude, even if it is to the same place, is literally coming in the morning.

This is something I have been reminding myself every day for the past few months.  Even as I pull tarot cards, sit at the altar, and continue on my studies at Sacred Mists, I find myself needing the reminder that it isn’t this way everyday.  I make myself feel better by applying for jobs I want, even if I’m not always qualified (who knows what may happen),  reading a new novel (or 20), and I have started writing again.

This isn’t just blog writing, but actually having a novel started.  I have several outlined, and have for years, but the one I started this weekend just took off and I love the concept and am excited to keep writing on it.  Right now it keeps me going through the days, even the down ones.

I guess my purpose in this blog is simply to say hi to the new followers, to remind both you guys and myself that I am here. That I haven’t abandoned either of us and that there will be more of this.

My next post I am hoping to share some of the cool research I’ve done on a few of the Gods of the Aztecs and Egyptians.  Time for a fresh start!


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