Meal Planning and Jury Duty

Say what???!!! Do those two things even have anything remotely to do with one another.  My answer, nope…unless you don’t get one done because you have the other.  Mondays have become my meal planner afternoons.  My husband always works Monday so it is the perfect shopping time for all the big pieces needed for the week.  I usually do the planning part either on my prep at work or when I get home in the afternoon.

Today, I was in court until 4:30 (way past my normal be home time), and obviously there was no down time to plan my weekly meals.  In fact, since 10:30, I’ve been in the jury box, going through the jury selection process.  It appears that I will be placed on said jury, which is a 6 court days trial.  I won’t even be home most days by the time I normally start the meals.  This is not normal, nor do I really want it to be.  However, a change in pace isn’t a bad thing.

So then what is a woman to do? Well, tonight, since it is just the boys and I will, will probably be a kids’ choice, tomorrow will be quick and easy and on dad since it is date night, Wednesday is going to be the yummy Costco ravioli in the freezer, Thursday may be surprise night and Friday is dark at the court (yay), so I will find something yummy for the crockpot.  I will do my meal planning over the weekend and then be prepped for next week better (as I will still be on jury duty).

I will also end up behind on my own studies at Sacred Mists and on my work at well…work.  Hard to tell the kids what to do what when you aren’t there to see what is actually being done!

What do you do when there is a wrench thrown into the cogs?  Do you just roll or do you get all thrown off in everything?  I try to roll, but sometimes it isn’t that easy.

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