When You Fail

I don’t mean make a mistake and see it and move on, rather stop all things that are helpful or important and just…well FAIL! I did this last week.  I just didn’t do all the things I had been.  I didn’t work out, I didn’t meal plan, I didn’t write blogs, I didn’t cook dinner, I didn’t work on my personal or spiritual studies, I didn’t move.  I came to work, worked, and went home and well…sat.  Why?  I seem to have lost the motivation I had.

What caused me to lose the motivation?  Was it that I’m tired (because I am)?  Was it that I have a small infection somewhere in my body that is causing me to be more tired than normal (because I do)? Was it simply that it seemed like I was the only person in the house who cared to be doing anything (because it did)?

It could be any or all of those.  Do they really matter?  Nope.  In reality I didn’t do it simply because I didn’t do it.  There are always excuses that can be made, but the simple truth is that I didn’t get off the couch and do any of those things.  Some of them could have been done from the couch and I just didn’t get the computer out.  I sat and played games on the iPad, which has the blog app right on it.  I still didn’t open it.

So what happens now?  Do I keep beating myself up and letting it just roll into a big downward spiral and then life looks like it did a few months ago?  I could.  It would be so easy to just drift off into what I have always done.  That’s the easy thing to do.  It’s familiar, it’s comfortable and it has worked in the past.  Well, it has appeared to work in the past.  In fact though, it hasn’t worked.  It has left me feeling unfulfilled, like I’m letting myself and my family down and like I just don’t care. So nope, I don’t let it continue in this fashion.

Today is Monday.  It is a reset day.  Today I begin again. Daily, you can begin again.  If you feel like you totally failed one day, or one week, or even one month, well they all start all over again.  So just choose today as your start over date.  Today I will be blogging, meal planning, working out and just moving forward in the fashion that I want to move forward in.  It doesn’t matter what everyone around me is doing.  I need to do these things for myself, and for my family. My path of walking, the one that I follow for myself is one of constant work.  There is always something to be studying or to be learning about the Earth, about magick and about those who are part of Sacred Mists, so failing isn’t really an option.  There are people all over relying on me.  Time to pull myself out of the muck and put myself back on the path.

What do you do when you need to reset?  How do you gain your motivation back?

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