Thank You Notes


I was recently reminded that taking the time to hand-write a note of thanks, or thinking of you, is extremely important. Writing connects our bodies to our brains and our brains to our emotions. We often talk of journeying to get our feeling out. Well that shows in what you write.

The act of writing a note to someone, even “have a nice day”, makes you smile, makes them smile and reminds everyone that no matter how bad there is someone who cares. The handwriting, the penmanship, the ink color, all bring the emotions and sentiment to life. A typed email or text message is always loved and a wonderful sentiment, but the feeling behind a hand-written note…the idea someone took the time to hand-write a note, long hand, means so much more.

I try to send “love” notes, as I call them to lots of people. Little notes which say, “hey”. Erin Condren has some great notes which have a fun saying on the front and room to write on the back.

Here is a link:Compliment Cards

I highly recommend sending one or two of these a day. People truly appreciate them. I give them to fellow teachers and to students. The smiles and thank you’s and positive energy are well worth the extra time it takes to pick one and hand write the note on the back.

What about you? Do you like receiving notes? Do you remember to handwrite them as it gives better every and emotion?

2 thoughts on “Thank You Notes

  1. I love when my boyfriend and I first started dating he used to write me love letters then spend an 1hr before class to make them into crazy insane origami pieces, my favorites bring clothes that were my size or diff hats. Felt like I was barbie my size paper edition. Also the one he’s never finished where he stained and used coffee, grinds, baked it to make it look few hundred years old. They’ve always been funny and sweet. Me I’m more the person with the few lines or one liner to get you pumped for you’re day or I’ll make a card, mine are pretty infamous. Love letters not so great. Feel to vulnerable. I’m Canadian and the way I was raised thank you’s and being mindful was more then engrained in us pretty much a chip in our brain that was laserd in so it would become a natural reflex. When I moved to LA @13 ppl thought I was trying to hard etc, just the way I was. My childhood friends agree we are always perceived as the wtfs. But with my friends I find it important to know that I love em and mention something positive about them daily or when we speak. Cards re a cool idea reminds me of passing notes in class. Sad tho people need to be reminded to be kind, considerate and loving. Ppl suck!


    1. I agree. I sent a few of the ones I have pictured out to some colleagues on Monday. Today I got a thank you and “how did you know I needed that” comment. Just reminded me that sometimes just the everyday reminders help through the week.


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