or rocks as my husband calls them.

Anyone else have a passion/obsession for collecting the most gorgeous nature made products on the planet?  I am sitting at my desk at school while the kids take a test and I realized I have 1/4 of my desk filled with different crystals that work well for classrooms.

Let’s start with the obvious one.  Selenite.  I have an 18″ non-polished rod of it sitting across the front of my desk.  Why?  Well it is great for helping students focus.  The properties of Selenite include: adaptability, calm, clarity, communication, emotions, harmony, respect and peace (Sandra Kynes, Complete Book of Correspondences). I love this mineral so much that at the next gem and rock show I am going to get small pieces to give to every student to have with them.  In my house all my kiddos have some on their desks and in their backpacks.  I give them polished pieces that they can “fiddle” with which of course is two-fold.  It keeps them busy without being disruptive and it gives them all those great energies.

I also have smoky quartz on my desk. Again, for anyone who knows, it would seem obvious.  It has some of the same qualities with regard to calm and mood, but it also purifies and keeps negative emotions to a lesser amount (Kynes). It also helps students see past obstacles and keep a nice balance in the room.  Hmmm… I may need a bigger piece this term.

I have some amethyst for balance and harmony and generally clear minds and good communication.  I have some regular quartz, for keeping everything else cleansed and ready to work.  I have some emerald, some ruby, and some tourmaline to keep mind, body and emotions in balance.

I have kyanite to help get rid of anxiety and to again work with clarity of communication.  I have some labradorite for confidence and balance and I have some lepidolite for concentration and focus.  In addition, I have some miscellaneous pieces that I have picked up on my travels and shopping trips that I just liked or that had a good feel to them.

None of the major pieces are small, I let the kids come up and “play” with them when they want, but they aren’t allowed to take them.  I do have some small quartz pieces that I give out for anxiety when needed or if a student needs something to occupy their hands while they are reading or discussing in class.  Those they can keep, as I replenish anytime I go to a rock/gem show.

The good news is that is just my desk at work.  LOL.  At home every windowsill, every door jamb, the altar, the tables next to the altar, pretty soon the night stand and any other available surface is covered as well.  Pink Quartz at the entrance to the house and any rooms as well as Selenite in the kid’s rooms and other fun things keep the house feeling pretty good most of the time. Our mantle is generally covered with some amazing rocks we found at a rock yard, quartz and citrine laden and of course the fairy cat candle holders.  Over all we have a tremendous collection. So much so in fact, that we are getting two barristers shelves from my parents to keep collecting and showing off.

My purse has a fairly large “travel” collection too.  With my studies at Sacred Mists I have had to create this travel collection.  In both the first and the second degree courses there are intense lessons on crystals, their meanings and the ones that speak to you as well as the ones everyone should carry in general.  During both courses I created a travel pouch and have since discovered that I love having them with me at all times.  Anytime I am nervous or need a fidget tool I just reach in and grab a stone.  I never look, as I figure I will grab what I need to help with the moment.  So far, that has worked great!

What stones do you like? Do you carry them with you?  Is your house full of things to help the energy flow?  Where else do you think they would help?  Do you have any suggestions for me to add to my school collection?

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