Candles are so important to  everyday life here.  As a matter of fact, we were burning so many candles and spending so much money that it became cheaper to make our own.  We researched and found the best way to make candles and now make all our own soy container candles and candle melts.  It became such a great thing as I gave them away for gifts that I began selling them.  You can see what I do at Touch of Magick Candles and feel free to ask any questions.

Why are candles so important?  Well in magick there are many associations with candles.  Fire, color, scent.  Candle magick is an area within my practice that I am an advanced student and practitioner.  I am hoping to rewrite the lessons and begin teaching candle magick at Sacred Mists very soon.  Fire is my element and candles help me focus using that element.  Color is a correspondence area that enhances fire magick and candles can be made in any color.

Scent of course is simply something that we can all relate to.  Whether it is  a sugar cookie scent that brings memories of happy childhoods, or winter sleigh ride that helps the inside of our house smell like the outside sometimes.  Scents are important to everyone whether they realize it or not. They trigger memories, or bring feelings of comfort close to the surface.

When working magick with candles they enhance your energy and carry it further.  Fire magick is one of the more intense magicks, and should be handled with care.  Candles are perfect for learning as they carry smaller flames.  I often do magick with the fireplace or the fire pit outside.  So much energy to draw on.  However, for daily magick and healing spells (unless something significant is going on) I use candles.

I am in the process of making a candle of healing for a family.  I am going to be using a combination of evergreen and honey suckle.  You wouldn’t think it would work, but it smells amazing when mixed together.  I will be making it purple, a healing color, also it is for a little girl.

Candles bring to home the sense of completion, of warmth, of being complete.  Colors and scents play more of a role than most people realize, but know that you will often choose those intuitively and for a purpose, whether you know it or not.

Do you burn candles?  What are your favorite colors and scents?  Do you need a healing candle? Can I answer any questions?

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