Family Time


You may have noticed I am not posting as often as I want. First, I haven’t quite gotten the hand of writing and then scheduling a post. Second, I love to write them as I want to.  Now this doesn’t mean I won’t figure out the scheduling thing, but it does mean that sometimes there are two in one day.

I made a promise to blog daily.  I am working on that promise.  Sometimes though family comes first.  The past few weeks that was the case. There were things happening and the snowball effect came into play.

A few weeks ago I couldn’t find the official embossed copy of my step-son 1’s birth certificate (which he was going to need).  I stayed up way past bed-time on a work night looking for it while my husband was at work.  What that meant though was poor hubby had to find it when he got home from work.  So after a 12 hour night shift, he spent 2+ hours looking for the birth certificate.  He found it, in the most ridiculously easy of places of course, but it was way past his sleep time on a day when he had to work the night again.

I then rush out of work and home to see step-son a before his recruiter picks him up only to discover the recruiter is running late.  This is awesome in my opinion because I get to spend some quality time talking with kiddo about the upcoming physical and swear-in process, of which he is nervous because he knows nothing about it. I, very fortunately, have had several former students go through it.  So onto the phone I go and onto speaker said students go and discussions ensue about the physical, the process and the ceremony.

Recruiter comes to get step-son and off they go.  Now, through all of this, said husband is not sleeping.  He tried to sleep after finding birth certificate, but only slept for 30 minutes.  Lots of reasons, main one I think being he didn’t want to miss kiddo getting picked up. So, worked a 12 hour night shift, slept 30 minutes, must work another 12 hour night shift…oh boy.



Now I spend some time with tired and cranky husband.  We talk, go get the mail, do some very basic tasks as that is all his brain can do.  We cuddle and talk some more, then he gets ready for work.  It is decided I will drive him and pick him up.  I had taken today off so that I can be at the swear in ceremony (NOT going to miss that).

Now son 2 comes home with girlfriend.  We stop and eat pizza for dinner and chat with them.  Husband shows them a gross open heart video from a kiddo he has and they all have a good ooh and ahh over it.  Talk a little school, a little gaming, some about the internship and job prospects of the culinary world (which son 2 is going into) and let him know I will be taking husband to work.

While none of this seems important and seems very mundane, I feel like I have been hit by a school bus.  It was only day 2 of the school term where I had all new students (we are on a block schedule so we teach one set of class from August to December for 90 minutes each class and that equals 1 traditional year of curriculum.  Then January – June we get all new classes and all new kids.  It is like having 2 new school years in one school calendar) and I am teaching new to me classes.

What that means is when I get home from dropping hubby off at work, and feed the dogs, talk with son 2 and girlfriend for 15 minutes, I am ready to pass out…and it is 9:00 p.m. It also means that the blog for yesterday (see previous post) didn’t get done until this morning and today’s blog, which seems to be all about me, is right on its heels.

What today’s blog is really meant to do is to remind us all that life happens.  It is okay if something gets bumped a little.  Sometimes family needs to be in front of everything, because it can’t wait.  In those times, that is what we need to do.  It is just the fun, created family time that is needed.  When family says TIME, it will push its way forward and into whatever else you have planned and you need to listen.

I am off now to figure out how to schedule this to publish in a bit.  Then I’m going to watch Step-Son 1 swear into the Navy.  For me, that is all I need to focus on today.

How do you handle family time that forces its way in?  What do you do when you realize you need to focus a little more on what is calling and a little less on what you had planned?


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