Cleaning and Decluttering

I had hoped to talk about the Wiccan Rede  today. I had grand plans and lofty goals of getting through our bedroom quickly and on with the rest of the day.

Unfortunately my darling husband had insomnia so we were up until 4:30 this  morning. This meant sleeping later than I usually do. The only good part of that was family brunch!!! Yummy recipe I tried that even the teenagers liked.

Proceeding upstairs since today was clean the bedroom/office (we have a double master so it has many functions) for the new year we dug in, starting at noon. It is now 10:05 and we are just wrapping up our cleaning. Did we finish???!! Nope. So tomorrow after work is a little more.

What this means is I am exhausted. I don’t feel I can do myself or the Rede the respect due. Don’t worry…it is coming soon.

Are you exhausted after a heavy cleaning and purging session?

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