Working and “Working”


So today I wanted to take a moment to address those who take on much,  not necessarily  too much, but maybe sometimes we take it all on.  I know that I work full-time as a high school teacher, who gives my personal number to the kids and other teachers, as well as email of course. I am also part of an amazing online magickal school, Sacred Mists.

I have been a part of Sacred Mists for 6 years.  I have completed my Level One and Level Two Priestess courses and am currently working on my Level Three.  With that move up and time spent there it brings more and more responsibility.  I have taken on a number of leadership roles in the past year at Sacred Mists and find myself often “working” on these things.

One of the questions I recently had to ask myself, as I stepped up to take on even more responsibility at the online school, was when is it too much?  At what point does it interfere with family, with personal time, with “real” work? Now that I am having weekly meetings, FB groups and real responsibilities, along with my own studies and of course my family and paying job, can I continue in the place that I have found myself?


Fortunately for me I have all these organizers now to help me keep my plans moving forward.  I have discovered, that while I don’t have a “ton” of extra time, I have enough time to do all the things I want to do and still have time to make sure I am moving forward on my own path.  I am excited as my path is becoming clearer to me.  Who I am is beginning to crystalize and it involves all the things that matter to me.

Today I got to spend quality time with my family.  I was able to just be.  Dinner at the table with all the boys, time with the Navy Recruiter to set a date for swear in for my oldest step-son and a Costco trip with my youngest step-son.  With 4 boys it is nice to be able to have time with them.  And of course the family time with all 3 that live at home still is always a blessing.  Busy boys make it hard for us to do every night.

Now I am doing the “work”.  Whether it is for me, or for Sacred Mists, or even a little for school.  There is time for it all (including a little with my husband later).

How are you balancing everything?


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