Pressing On…

Today is the 4th…and it is the day where most have already hit the wall. Change is hard, sustained change is a challenge.  We all want to be the best us we can be. There is no doubt about that, but finding out who that is, what it looks like and then becoming that person, wow… difficult.


One step at a time.  That is all any of us can do.  I talked yesterday about feeling falsely successful, and thinking enough.  Today is the day where you look beyond that and continue forward.  You press on with the change you want to be.  You’ve heard the saying “be the change you want to see.”  I say “be the change you want to be.” The only things holding you back are the obstacles you put in your own way.

“Heather, that isn’t true” you say. “Money, time, family, work, those all get in the way.” My response, “those are your obstacles.”  Most things don’t take a lot of money, or there are ways around needing the things that do take money.  Plan, plan plan.  Be organized, you will find time where you thought there was none.  Your family will support you being the best you can be, ask them, include them.  No one wants to be cut out.  Work.  Well that is tomorrow’s topic, but let’s just say we all have careers, jobs, places that pay us, me included.  So none of that should stop you.

Remember, press on.  Be the change you want to be and keep moving forward on being the best you possible.

What are your obstacles?  Let’s talk them through and make them go away!


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