Feeling Successful – Falsely

Today was a great day!  I set out to do 6 things on my list and I got them all done!  I am a success! Yes! I’m Great!

Wouldn’t that be an awesome thing to say and think and feel.  Well for me it is true.  I did get everything done today that I set out to do, including going to my tattoo appointment alone, something I hadn’t done before.  I am having my entire back and butt covered with a personal image the artist plucked from my mind.  I hate pain and this is my first tattoo, so usually my amazing man goes with me.  Today he was sleeping (he works night and worked last night and then again tonight), so off I went on my own.

When I got home and checked things off on my list I realized I was flying high.  I had gotten almost everything done.  What was left? The blog and the Instagram Challenge.  I asked myself if I needed to do them, since I had gotten everything else done and some of them had been hard and time consuming.  After all, a majority of it got done and now I’m tired.

The answer of course is yes, it must get done.  I was riding high on this successful feeling and trying to give myself a grace period, on Day 3 of the goal setting.  ?  Yep…and it is my experience that this is how the slide begins.  We get most of it done, so that’s good enough right?  After all tomorrow’s list of to-dos is less so we could add a few to there, right?  NO!!! Now, if you have to move something because someone else is supposed to help, or you need them to do something, different then giving yourself a “break” for getting almost everything done.

I told myself to stay the course, karma will come for me, and that intent is big.  My words have power, and right now that power is keeping me on the right path.mywordshavepower

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