Happy Solar Revolution

So today begins 2017.  I have 2 monthly Instagram “challenges” that I have downloaded to look at and see what I can do to keep myself in the motivation space.  One is the #rockyourhappy2017 challenge and the other is the #janpabphotochallenge.  I would suggest, if you are an Insta person, you check them out.  One is a planner challenge, the other is not.  They are both asking for…intentions and goals, just on different days.  Lucky me I’ve already done that and I have them ready to go.

How about you?  Did you set your intentions and goals for the year? For the month? For the week?  Remember it isn’t about how far out you set things, rather about making sure they are attainable, realistic and help move you forward.

Today is a short blog,  which you probably appreciate.  Enjoy your Holiday.  Tomorrow we begin New.

2 thoughts on “Happy Solar Revolution

  1. Yes, I have set goals for this year. I am going to spend more time with spiritual/Craft studies (I’ve studied Tarot for a long time, now I want to keep that and move into Astrology), as well as dedicate more of my focus on my neglected writing career. I will become a full time writer, I just have to do it. I now want that more than anything else, so I’m ready to buckle down and achieve it.


    1. Colleen that is amazing. I can’t wait to hear more as you go through your year and reach the goal of being a full time writer.

      Astrology?? That’s a great step. I am going to stick with the spiritual counseling and work on finishing my third level priestess degree.

      I look forward to watching your year.


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